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Certificate of Excellence in Special Touch (SPT)
100 Hours | 3.00 Credits



What Is Special Touch?

SWIHA students are offered the unique opportunity to specialize in the techniques of massage with a ‘special touch’ to those populations of massage clients whom require light massage touch techniques. Emphasis is placed on the therapeutic and relaxation values as well as the necessary specialization of the medical needs of these clients.

Primary Specialty in Special Touch was designed to be a part of the massage therapy diploma programs or as a part of the Associates of Occupational Studies in Holistic Healthcare. Emphasis is placed on the therapeutic and relaxation values of the protocol, as well as the medical ramification of working on special population clients.

What Are the Benefits of Special Touch?

This massage specialization is designed to combine the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of clients such as those with fibromyalgia, arthritis, nerve and muscle damage or may be pregnant or elderly. Students who complete this program receive a Certificate of Excellence.

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  • AR 120 – Aromatherapy – Therapeutic Touch – 8 Hours / 0.25 credits
  • CB 410 – Baby Touch– 12 Hours / 0.25 credits – MT 200 or Licensed
  • TE 140 – Breast Health – 8 Hours / 0.25 credits – MT 200 or Licensed
  • TE 300 – Elder Touch – 8 Hours / 0.25 credits – MT 200 or Licensed
  • TE 260 – Fibromyalgia Therapy – 16 Hours / 0.50 credits – MT 200 or Licensed
  • TE 340 – Lymphatic Massage – 16 Hours / 0.50 credits – MT 200 or Licensed
  • CB 400 – Mother Touch – 8 Hours / 0.25 credits – MT 200 or Licensed
  • CB 401 – Mother Touch Advanced – 8 Hours / 0.25 credits – CB 401 or Licensed
  • EC 700 – Reiki I – Traditional – 16 / 0.50 credits


Bringing together the science of aromatherapy with the physical and spiritual benefits of Therapeutic Touch, this introductory course trains students to interact with the body’s energy field and enhance healing by skillfully incorporating essential oils into treatment.

Baby Touch

Massage Therapists and Doulas are taught how to teach caregivers to massage their own babies. Learn the infant protocol, including age appropriate variations and teaching others, role-playing, and actual hands-on experience with mothers and infants. Bring a life-sized baby doll to learn and practice techniques. Invite a parent and infant to classes Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Breast Health

Learn therapeutic techniques for enhancing women’s breast health, including release of pectoral muscles, working with breast implants, mastectomy rehab, scar tissue softening, breast flushing and effective self-breast exam. Also learn the latest in understanding what enhances or diminishes breast health - environmentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Bring two sheets, lotion, bolster, two small towels.

Elder Touch

Learn how to work responsibly with geriatric clients and patients. Contraindications explored in depth. A safe and effective protocol is taught to use with the elderly, those with chronic illness or in frail health.

Fibromyalgia Therapy

The pathology and pain of this syndrome is explored in depth. Study the trigger points involved with fibromyalgia and how meridian therapy can create significant relief. Lymphatic body brushing will be taught as well.

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage promotes balance of the body’s internal chemistry, purifies and regenerates tissues, helps normalize the functions of organs and promotes function of the immune system. Bring two sheets and one pillow case.

Mother Touch

A course designed for students to learn to give the pregnant client a safe, gentle, yet highly effective Therapeutic Massage. Learn how pregnancy changes the body, when Pregnancy Massage is appropriate or contraindicated, and techniques for producing total relaxation of muscles while peacefully stimulating blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and endocrinological balance. Please contact instructor for supplies list.

Mother Touch (Advanced)

Learn to meet more of the pregnant client’s expanding needs. Curriculum includes aromatherapy safe for pregnancy, guided imagery and visualization for optimum maternal and fetal well-being, pre-birth parenting and fetal awareness, charting, labor massage techniques, postpartum renewal and more! Invite a pregnant friend to join you for the last 2 hours of class.

Reiki I (Traditional)

Reiki is a complete system of holistic healing and personal development. This spiritually directed life force energy can be used to heal yourself and others, solve problems, achieve goals, develop higher consciousness, fulfill your spiritual purpose.

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