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by Rev. Sandy Jones, a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts' Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Mind/Body Transformational Psychology and Life Coaching program.

When you think about fear what comes to mind?  Jumping out of the way of a train?  Walking down a dark alley at night or a very bumpy ride in an airplane?  What about the kind of fear that stops you from picking up the phone to call about that job in the paper?  Or the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new?

Fear wears many faces for all of us, and it absolutely can mean very different things from one person to another.  The kind of fear I’d like you to look at right now, is the one which stops you from stepping into your greatness.  The fear of change.  The fear of uncertainly.  The fear of the unknown.  We all have it at one point or another.  But can we walk through it?

Are you willing to walk through the wall of fear?

I read a book called The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson and it’s a story about a person named Ordinary who lives in the land of familiar.  One day Ordinary wakes up with a big dream beating in his heart.  But for Ordinary to achieve the big dream he had to leave the land of familiar, his comfort zone and he faced many challenges.  The biggest one, which came right after leaving his comfort zone, was called the “Wall of Fear”.  The amazing thing about this wall of fear is that it is an illusion.  Its smoke and mirrors placed there by your ego to keep you back.  It’s trap.

In my experiences I have stopped short of the wall of fear.   I have even run from it.  But more recently as I step deeper into my spiritual journey, I have come to know this wall of fear very well.  In the summer I had the opportunity to face the wall, several times over a period of 2 months as I stepped out of my comfort zone to create a new business.  Each time, I looked at this wall with dread and anticipation.  But I knew deeply, that in order to get to the next step in my success, I had to face it head on and walk through.  It’s not easy, but I am here to tell you it can be done.  It takes willingness, tenacity and a very conscious view of what you are experiencing in your thoughts and how they translate into your actions.

If you are someone who faces fear and stops short of your hopes and dreams because of fear, think about it.  Is it real?  Ask your self the compelling question: What am I afraid of? And listen to what you have to say about it.  Remember it is you who is in charge of your life.  It is you who creates your thoughts and it is you who creates your fears.  But more important than that, it is you, who walks through the wall of fear.  You can do it! 

Sandy Jones worked as a designer, teacher, software specialist and entrepreneur in the tech industry for 25 years. She recently created Soul Motivations, a ministry devoted to helping people remember. 4480-491-2464 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

By Rev. Sandy Jones, a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts' Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Mind/Body Transformational Psychology and Life Coaching program.

Where does your motivation come from? Are you motivated by people and events outside of yourself? Or do you find your motivation from within, perhaps from your beliefs and views of life, or perhaps from something deeper within you?

I used to think motivation came from outside my self, and in some ways it does.  There are types of motivation that come from external sources.  For example, our parents are a source of motivation.  They motivate us to do well in school, to clean up our room, and to make good choices.  There are many people who motivate and inspire us.  They lift us up through kind thoughts, words and actions.  

Fear and intimidation may motivate us as well.  While certainly this would be considered a negative source of motivation, it is a source indeed.  Fear in general can motivate us to get out of a situation that does not serve us, and to move quickly out of danger. 

“Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll” are motivators too.  They take us out of a space we are in, into another space where we feel motivated to do, be and act differently.  While these are not always healthy motivating choices, they do exist. Indeed, there are many diverse sources of motivation which serve divine purposes. 

There are motivational seminars too.  These are awesome events filled with activities and processes that fill people up with motivation.  They fill people with power; with enthusiasm, and visions of infinite possibility.  They give them the push they need to get off the dime.  I have attended a variety of these, and felt the same way as I left class.  I left feeling filled with hope and possibility.

But when I think about motivation, and I consider all the possible sources that are out there, I still feel something is missing.  I have been a seeker of motivation from a very early age, and I can now truthfully say I have looked for motivation in all the wrong places.  I looked for motivation outside myself.  And every time I looked for this magical motivation, I initially felt it, but like a tire with a slow leak, overtime I felt let down.  I felt like I was small again.  Like an addict, I needed another motivational fix.

I remember a day several years ago, when I was pondering this motivational dysfunction of mine, and it occurred to me that the motivation I was seeking outside of myself only went skin deep.  And with this thought, it also occurred to me, that if I wanted motivation to go deeper, I would have to find a way to create it within myself.  Without even realizing it, I was being motivated to discover where true motivation comes from.  Now how perfect is that?

What I have come to realize in the past 5 years, is that when we send a message up to the ethers, with the power of intention, the answer will be delivered to us through lessons and experiences.  With that intention, we embark on a path that will show us what we need to learn.  Truly, my path was no star-studded magical and beautiful spiritual experience.  My path took me into the deepest and darkest places of my self, so I could learn what I needed to learn and experience what I needed to experience to really get the message that was being delivered to me.  After lifting and releasing layer after layer of stories and old stuff, I discovered this:

Motivation comes through the Soul.  I had it all along.  I was born with it.  I just needed to remember.

Each of us has a deep source of motivation that is available anyplace, anytime.  If you think you’ve lost yours, look again.  You may be surprised to discover, it has always been there.  “Seek and you shall find.  Ask and you shall receive.” 

Where does your motivation come from? Imagine the possibilities of what your life might look and feel like, when your sole motivation comes through your Soul.

Sandy Jones worked as a designer, teacher, software specialist and entrepreneur in the tech industry for 25 years. She recently created Soul Motivations, a ministry devoted to helping people remember. 4480-491-2464 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


by Valerie Fink Sierra, a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts' Life Coaching program.

Life has finally worn you out. It is time for a little vacation; away from all the stress, challenges, heartaches, conflicts, disappointments and overall disarray of your life. The decision is made and it’s time to journey towards your desired destination of happiness, fulfillment, potential and greatness. The destination is solidly decided and you prepare to leave as soon as you are packed. Now, what does one take for such a journey?

Think about the times you started out seeking Happiness. Did you travel light or pack heavy sorrows hanging in the recesses of your heart? We’re not talking memories here, but unresolved issues of anger, resentment, un-forgiveness. There’s so many to pick from, they all fit so well, it’s hard to leave any of them behind. Instead begin with humor and laughter that’s been unworn for many months now. Next, take along a neutral outfit of non-judgment that goes with anything and works no matter what. Then there’s the classic that fits so well, you always look great in it, and can be worn for any occasion…a smile. There you have it. All you need for the journey to Happiness.

Next let’s pack for Fulfillment. Please, leave out ‘what if’s’ and ‘can’t do’s’. There are too many to consider bringing along.  Not even one will do. Delve deep into the depths of your forgotten successes and accomplishments. You know the one’s; like the time you got your driver’s license or learned to swim in the deep end. Take along joy, elation, and enthusiasm as they can be mixed and matched for any occasion on the journey to Fulfillment.

Now for the grand finale of the journey: Potential and Greatness. The first thing that always attempts to be squeezed in is expectations. There is zero room for expectations of others or those self-imposed ones. The coordinating piece: limitations gets left behind, as well. Time to dig way deep and pull out the vital essentials you tossed away when giving up and never trying again. It’s the ones that were frowned upon when you wore them and you didn’t quite believe what was right, so went along with what everyone else was doing. The complementary pieces: trust and faith in self; are a must to take along. They are wrinkle free, water proof, stain proof and can be worn under everything else packed for this journey. 

The key to getting where you want to go with ease and enjoyment is not about what was your life. It is about what you want as your life. It is about always having the basics, leaving room for the many new ‘trinkets’ to be collected along the way. The  souvenirs such as valuable lessons and experiences worthy of collecting and saving. Ones that don’t take up a lot of room or weigh you down. WOW moments such as pure enjoyment and laughter, great stories to share, touching others lives or making a difference in the world. Simply put: when traveling to Destinations of Happiness, Fulfillment, Potential and Greatness, pack smart, pack light, wear your smile, leave plenty of room for new WOW moments and let the journey begin.




by Mary Ernsberger, a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts' Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Mind/Body Transformational Psychology, Master Hypnotherapy Program, Associate of Occupational Studies in Holistic Health Care, and the Western Herbalism program.

Have you ever noticed the negative energy that seems to surround the youth of our nation?  Are the children and teens in our schools angry?  Does their attitude affect their academic progress? 

The answer to all three of these questions is YES! 

These young people chose to incarnate during a time of great change on this planet. 

Problems arise when the educational system in our country continues to teach these new kids the way kids were taught twenty years ago.  No longer will kids “be seen and not heard.”  Back in the day – as the youth of today say – kids did what their teachers told them to do, no questions asked.  Not any more.  Today’s kids want to be involved in their education.  They want to be taught subjects they are interested in and subjects that apply to their futures.  Even required subjects can be made interesting if the teacher knows how to teach to each student’s different learning style.  The ability to memorize rote facts and regurgitate this information onto state tests only applies to one of eight learning styles.  Lets do the math – if the class has thirty-two (32) students and only one (1) of eight (8) learns the way the teacher is teaching – how many kids “are left behind?”   

So is your child in the minority or the majority?   Are you familiar with the eight learning styles?  They are:

VERBAL/LINGUISTIC LEARNING STYLE – “The Word Player” This learning style is related to words and language – written and spoken.  It also dominates most educational systems in the United States. 

LOGICAL/MATHEMATICAL LEARNING STYLE – “The Questioner” Often called “scientific thinking.” This learning style is related to inductive and deductive thinking and reasoning, numbers and the recognition of abstract patterns. 

VISUAL/SPATIAL LEARNING STYLE – “The Visualizer” This learning style relies on the sense of sight and being able to visualize an object, including the ability to create internal mental images/pictures.  People who enjoy mediation and guided imagery or hypnosis are commonly very visual or spatial learners. 

INTRAPERSONAL LEARNING STYLE – “The Individual” This learning style relates to inner states of being, self-reflection, metacognition (i.e. thinking about thinking) and awareness of spiritual realities. 

INTERPERSONAL LEARNING STYLE – “The Socializer” This learning style operates primarily through person-to-person relationships and communication. 

BODILY/KINESTHETIC LEARNING STYLE – “The Mover” This learning style is related to physical movement and the knowing/wisdom of the body, including the brain’s motor cortex, which controls bodily motion. 

MUSICAL/RHYTHMIC LEARNING STYLE – “The Music Lover” This learning style is based on the recognition of tonal patterns, including various environmental sounds, and on sensitivity to rhythm and beats. 

NATURALISTIC LEARNING STYLE – “The Outdoorsman” This learning style is based on the sensing of patterns in and making connections to elements in nature. 

Which one of these learning styles fits you?  Which one fits your child?  Would your home be happier if you knew what you have in common with your child or, more importantly, what’s different?

So where did that attitude come from?  What if no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t get what you were being taught?  How long would you keep trying? 

As an adult in the work place – how many jobs have you had over the course of your lifetime that you just didn’t fit into?   How long did you stick around before you quit or got fired?

Young people in elementary and junior high can’t quit.  The law requires them to go to school until they are sixteen (16) years old. 
And no matter how much some teachers would like to – they can’t fire their students. 

So what’s the answer?  Why don’t we take all these kids that don’t fit and force them into the “box?”  Oh wait – we’ve done that.  We have labeled these young people as “disabled.”  Society has created disorders that make drugging the youth of America legal.  Over 4 million school age children are being given mind-altering drugs. 

At what point do we say enough!  These young people deserve better.  They deserve to express their individuality, creativity and intelligence their own way.  They need to be taught that there are positive ways to express themselves.  They need to know that they are not “disabled.” 

Start by finding out which learning style best describes how you learn, and go tell your boss.  Then find out how your child learns and how subjects are being taught in your child’s school.  Share your findings with other family members, friends, neighbors and/or parents of your child’s friends.  As a group, you can go to a PTA or PTO meeting.  If you are not satisfied with the answers you are given, don’t be afraid to go to the school’s administration and even the school board if you have to. 

Young people learn by example.  What kind of example are you setting for the leaders of tomorrow?

About the author – Mary M. Ernsberger was a featured speaker at the Emerging Healers Conference (www.emerginghealers.com) in July, 2007.  She is a Mind-Body Therapist, certified Master Hypnotherapist and Life Coach for children and families.  Mary is the author of “Recognizing The Greatness In Each Child,” available at www.lulu.com.  Mary specializes in working with children & families of those that have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or other behavioral disorders.  Call (480) 343-9555, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and visit her web site www.hypno4kids.com for more information.


by Mary Ernsberger, a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts' Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Mind/Body Transformational Psychology, Master Hypnotherapy Program, Associate of Occupational Studies in Holistic Health Care, and the Western Herbalism program.

During the 1950’s, a large number of children were born into this world in response to the prayers of a generation of war torn individuals searching for peace.  Welcome Lightworkers – many of you know who you are – many of you are just beginning to discover your true path.  But for all of us – one thing is clear.  We are here to assist the generations following ours with the enormous task of ushering in a time of peace. 

The 1960’s gave birth to the Flower child.  Remember the slogan – “Make Love Not War”?  Unfortunately, the world wasn’t ready for peace. 

The 1970’s got lost in disco in response to the “flower children” going corporate.  Materialism took over – everyone had to have what the “Jones” had.  For the most part, gone was the time when one parent could earn enough money to support the family.  Both parents had to work outside the home and “latch-key” kids were born. 

The job of raising America’s children fell on the school system.  Classroom crowding and creative program cutting became common place.  Teachers were searching for ways to keep it all together.  Hello – ADHD!  This diagnosis made it OK to sedate growing numbers of children so teachers could feed in the mounds of data necessary for children to pass the “standardized testing” which allows school districts to receive the funding they need.  Just about everyone has heard or seen the guidelines used to diagnose this disorder. 

Recent studies, however, indicate an alarming coordination between children diagnosed as ADHD and those that are truly gifted/exceptional.  The National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children has listed the following characteristics to help parents and educators identify “potentially gifted” children:

  • Highly sensitive and often emotional
  • Has excessive amounts of energy
  • Bores easily – may appear to have short attention span
  • Resists authority if it’s not democratically oriented
  • Becomes easily frustrated
  • Learns from an exploratory level – often resisting rote memory or just sitting back and listening
  • Cannot sit still unless absorbed in something of their own interest
  • Is very compassionate – may fear the death or loss of loved ones
  • May give up and develop permanent learning blocks
The foundation also stated that many gifted children tend to withdraw and may even sacrifice their individual creativity in an attempt to “fit in.”  Welcome Indigo children. These are the children born in the 1980’s to the mid-1990’s.  Following the Indigo’s, we have Crystal (mid-1990’s to early 2000’s) and Rainbow children (those who began incarnating in the last year).  Do you notice any alarming “coincidences” between the behavior patterns of ADHD and gifted – Indigo - children? 

What happens when a child can’t sit still in his seat, or likes to tap his fingers or pencil on the desktop, or can’t get his work turned in on time, if he finishes it at all?  What happens when a child “dances to the beat of a different drummer?”  Maybe your child just doesn’t learn and relate to the world the same way “everyone else does.” 

Doreen Virtue, PhD., recently asked, “What if ADHD actually stood for – Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension?  Has anyone bothered to ask?  Have you asked your child – and then listened – really listened to what they have to say?   Because if you have, you have found that children are full of wonderful, bright, innovative thoughts and ideas and most of them aren’t afraid to tell you so!  These children know that they are here for a higher purpose.  They resist being forced to “learn” things that they instinctively know they will not need to fulfill that purpose.   Remember the Lightworkers we started with?  Now is the time for all of us to step up to the plate.  A new age has dawned.  Can you see the light?

About the author:  Mary M. Ernsberger is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner dedicated to providing holistic options to future generations.  She is a Mind-Body Therapist, Master Hypnotherapist and Children & Family Life Coach.  Mary provides specialty services to children and families, especially those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and other emotional or behavioral disorders.  She can be reached by phone (480) 343-9555, e-mail - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Hesite is www.hypno4kids.com
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